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What is the Genome Stability Network?

The Genome Stability Network exists to promote the idea that the study of study genome stability in a diverse range of organisms is fundamental to understanding the biology of the cell. The Network seeks to encourage the exchange of ideas, foster collaborations  and promote the work of young scientists researchers in this area.

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The GSN holds an annual one-day meeting usually within the first two weeks of January. We welcome new participants who wish to present their latest findings or simply come to listen to the exciting new findings of others. The evening prior to this meeting attendees are invited to a reception where they can meet up to chat about their work (and gossip!) with their colleagues and friends in an informal atmosphere. For updates on our meetings watch this space or sign up to our mailing list.

The GSN also helps organise other scientific events and meetings. As an affiliate of the UK Environmental Mutagen Society, the GSN helps organise the scientific programme at the UKEMS Annual Congress.

In 2008 the GSN established the GSN Medal awarded for contributions to the GSN scientific community. The inaugural award was made to Dr Steven Sedgwick and Professor Peter Strike. See News and Events for past medal winners.

  1. The 2018 UK GSN meeting, Friday 5th of January, West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, UK, Click here for the program.

  2. See Meetings page for further information.

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